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Dr Eshchar Mizrachi

Dr Eshchar Mizrachi

South Africa

Univeristy of Pretoria


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Work and Research

My research focuses on trying to model wood formation and identify genes or pathways impacting the formation of biomass in trees. I pursue this using the integrative approach of systems genetics, which models complex traits such as tree growth or wood processability in terms of the components (genes, proteins, metabolites) impacting them. This provides information for rational biotechnological intervention for improving these traits. The nature of mine and my colleagues’ research (forest tree biology and biotechnology) has broad implications for agricultural biotechnology involving utilization of lignocellulosic biomass, which is becoming increasingly attractive as a renewable source for biomaterials and bioenergy.

Fields Of Expertise

Systems Genetics
Tree Biotechnology

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I have made a strong contribution to plant biomass-related biology and biotechnology research in South Africa and internationally, in terms of research outputs, student training, and importantly the successful communication and application of cutting edge scientific research and techniques to both government (Department of Science and Technology and Department of Trade and Industry) and the south African Forestry Industry. Directly, this impacts the forestry and forest product sectors, but the research I am pursuing has multiple implication for all plant biomass related biology and biotechnology, which means a broader application to the agricultural sector in south Africa, Africa and the world. Another contribution is training those I’ve mentored in creative but critical thinking, conveying my synthesis and interpretation of what I have learned from the many mentors I have had. What excites me most, however, are the times I am able to communicate a complex scientific problem or solution to students, government or industry stakeholders in a manner that leads to a shared excitement and passion about the science.