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Dr Connie Nshemereirwe

Dr Connie Nshemereirwe


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Work and Research

My focus is on quality of education in Uganda, in terms of both adequacy and relevance. Adequacy of education is an issue of equity, but focuses on outcomes instead inputs. To this end my research investigates the determinants of student learning and achievement across education levels. My work in the relevance of education queries the foundations of our education systems, and the extent to which they prepare individuals to contribute meaningfully in the transformation of their societies. My most recent work is informed by the philosopher Paulo Freire.

Fields Of Expertise

Educational Measurement
Science Leadership
Higher Education

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I think of my contributions to science in three broad terms: first as an educator, second as researcher, and third through my engagement with society.

As an educator my focus has always been to encourage students to continually reflect on local challenges within a global context, and to direct their efforts towards addressing these challenges both while still at school and after they leave. To this end, my aim as an educator aims at facilitating the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills as key to engaging usefully in these processes.

On the research front, my focus is contributing to our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie the achievement gaps that we observe within the education system. This goes beyond simply noting that children in rural areas perform more poorly, for instance, and tries to determine the quality and quantity of the elements that account for this difference. In this way I have contributed to enriching and widening the debate on educational inputs vs educational outcomes.

Thirdly, and I consider this to be my most important contribution, I am involved in the science leadership movement. Through this I participate in engagement with society on various policy issues, through think tanks, writing in the popular media, as well as through my membership of the Global Young Academy and the Uganda National Young Academy.