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Prof Binyam Mendisu

Prof Binyam Mendisu


Addis Ababa University


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Work and Research

In recognition of my teaching and research excellence, I have been recently selected as a founding fellow of the Ethiopian Young Academy of Science (EtYAS). My recent publications include a book on Koorete language published by RÜdiger Köppe Verlag (2010), a book chapter on the sketch grammar of Koorete (2012), an article on political culture and revolutionary terminology (2013), an article on the language of publication at higher education institutions in Africa (2014) and a book chapter on the grammaticalization of existential auxiliaries (2014) published by Harrassowiz. The article he published in 2013 with a historian colleague and other joint-publications reflect his multidisciplinary scholarship and his keenness towards collaboration in research.

Fields Of Expertise

Revolutionary Terminology

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

When one teaches in a university like ours it is easier to get discouraged and be overwhelmed by the challenges. Personally, I always wanted to focus on my responsibility as a teacher and researcher, than my circumstances. To that end, I still continue to be employed at my home university, I take my work seriously and try all my best to inspire my students and I am actively involved in conducting interdisciplinary research on issues which I consider are most relevant to my society. In addition, I regularly volunteer to support the designing of orthographies for unwritten languages and their preparation of schools dictionaries. I always believe networking with international universities is essential in academics. For example, as a Dean of Humanities faculty, I have introduced a lecture series called 'conversation on humanities' and invited speakers from within and outside the country. The lectures contributed to link our scholarship with the rest of the world and reinvigorate academic debates in our university. Finally, I have initiated and developed two research projects that I am leading now. We designed one of the projects in such a way that we work closely with local practicioners and authorities to have a maximum impact.