Call for Applications

The Future Africa Research Leader Fellowship (FAR-LeaF) is a two-year research-oriented fellowship programme, focussed on developing transdisciplinary research and leadership skills, to address the complex, inter-linked challenges of health, well-being, and environmental risks in Africa. The FAR-LeaF programme recognises the value of creating a long-term network of future-focussed science leaders with transdisciplinary research skills, who can address the challenges of a post-Covid-19 society.


The TYRLP is an initiative of the University of Pretoria in partnership with the Africa Science Leadership Programme (ASLP), KnowInnovation and the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It serves early career researchers in basic and applied science, engineering, social sciences, arts and the humanities.


The ASLP is an initiative of the University of Pretoria in partnership with the Global Young Academy, funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It serves early- to mid-career researchers in basic and applied science, engineering, social sciences, arts and the humanities.


External calls for applications

We are pleased to announce the invitation to submit session proposals for the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022 (SRI2022).

This call for session proposals is open to groups composed of anyone working in sustainability science and practice, which includes the research sector, government, business, philanthropy, art, and civil society. The second edition of the SRI Congress will be held at the Future Africa Institute and Campus at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, June 20-24, 2022, and online.

Get involving in shaping the program of SRI2022, which will consist of over 100 online and hybrid international sessions and events, highlighting the latest research and innovation in the field of sustainability. The first SRI Congress, SRI2021, held in June 2021, brought together over 700 speakers and more than 2000 participants from 100 countries.


Call: International Climate Protection Fellowship

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to 15 International Climate Protection Fellowships to prospective leaders and up to five fellowships to postdoctoral researchers from non-European transition or developing countries, who are active in any of the following areas: scientific, engineering-based, legal, economic, health-related or social aspects of climate change. The young climate experts will come to Germany for 12–24 months to work alongside a host of their own choosing on a research-related project or long-term academic research.


The Future Africa's Early Career Research Leader Fellowship (ECRLF) program of University of Pretoria supported by Carnegie Foundation of New York set out to offer an opportunity for development of research leaders that will be able to fill a critical gap in the African research capacity ecosystem.



The Conference Grant Program provides support to scholars to organize small research conferences, focused symposia, or other forms of convenings around important issues in education research. This program is intended to bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other important collaborators whose expertise, substantive knowledge and practice, theoretical insight, or methodological expertise can be engaged in ways that help to build upon and advance education research. We encourage applicants to think creatively about how convenings can expand the substantive work and impact of educational research on advancing racial equity. This grant program supports proposals with budgets of $50,000 or less.

The Foundation rotates the area of focus for this program annually to generate fresh ideas and perspectives on pressing educational challenges. For this funding cycle Spencer will support conferences related to the topic of critical issues in advancing racial equity in education research.


Are you an African Scientist willing to consolidate your research career on the continent? The call of the European Union's African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence programme is open. Deadline 31st July 2021:
African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence Pilot Programme | Call for Expressions of Interest


Applications are open for the $150 000 JWO Research Grant for early career scientists on the African continent



Do you have an idea for a project, workshop or event to help support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda? The ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Challenge Grants fund collaborative work for professional and academic staff at member universities. The grants focus on the priorities of the ACU Higher Education and the SDGs Network